Baby Bearded Dragon Diet

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Upon obtaining your baby bearded dragon, one of the things that one should initially take note of that taking care of a baby bearded dragon means being concerned with all aspects of the pet. For instance, you should be able to realize that you should be extremely aware of the diet of your baby bearded dragon. Having the appropriate diet ensures the health of your baby bearded dragon. Essentially although a baby bearded dragon seems too young, it is capable of eating both plants and animals at the same time. It consumes fruits, insects and vegetables in general. Taking care of a baby bearded dragon would not be difficult as long as you are well aware of the basics regarding its diet and other health concerns.


In the case of a very young bearded dragon, it is extremely reiterated that when a bearded dragon is at that stage, it should be provided with a lot protein particularly with the foods included in the baby bearded dragon’s diet. Protein and additional forms of it assists in the development of the pet’s tissues as well as its bones. In this case, it is particularly essential that the diet of a baby bearded dragon is constantly and sufficiently supplied with protein. The diet of a baby bearded dragon should be provided with vegetables and insects with high protein content.


When feeding your baby bearded dragon, you should take note there are a lot of kinds of insects which you would be able to give your pet. Some of these insects are: mealworms and the likes such as silk worms, cockroaches and even crickets. However although you could feed wax worms to your pet, it is not so much advisable to feed a baby bearded dragon with it since it has a high fat content. Another concern that you must take note of when feeding insects to your pet is that even though there are many insects included in the list of possible food for your pet, you should take note that for a baby bearded dragon the size of the insect that you would feed it should not exceed it’s the width in between the eyes of the pet. Provided that the insect you fed your pet does not meet this width and is actually exceeding it would only lead to nourishment problems of the bearded dragon. Oversized insects could lead to blockage and worse even seizures. You can feed as many insects as he can eat in 15 minutes. Make sure that you don’t leave any uneaten insects inside the enclosure.


Apart from insects you could also feed your baby bearded dragon with some vegetables. It is recommended that a baby bearded dragon is given vegetables on a daily basis. Most of the time, the recommended types of vegetables would have to be the greens such as dandelion greens. Other famous vegetables would have to be carrots, cabbage and even broccoli. However although you could in general feed your baby bearded dragon with vegetables is extremely prohibited that this kind of pet be fed with iceberg lettuce. This kind of vegetable contains the nutrients which could help the development of this reptile pet.


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