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In taking care of any kind of pet, understanding its nutritional needs is important since it simply means their survival. Giving the wrong group of food items to your pet could eventually mean unhealthy state for the pet, or worse, even death. The same thing goes in taking care of a bearded dragon. The reptile pet owner should be responsible enough to understand the things about bearded dragon nutrition.

Understanding the basics of bearded dragon nutrition involves familiarizing yourself with a recommended bearded dragon diet. These two things go hand in hand. One cannot think of an effective bearded dragon diet without trying to understand the bearded dragon nutrition needs.

Like humans, bearded dragons deserve a balanced meal. Do not just give them crickets or insects. They also need some green vegetable for them to be healthy enough. The pet owner should also be familiar on the frequency on giving them food or meals since this differ according to the age of the pet.

An effective and healthy bearded dragon diet may also involve some calcium and vitamin supplements to boost the immune system and general being of the reptile pet. Calcium, as you know, helps in developing strong bones while the vitamin can help in fighting possible diseases that can be acquired from the environment.

Even if you are claiming to be a loving pet owner, it is not right to over feed your bearded dragon as this not beneficial on its part at all. Feeding this kind of pet may be something fun to do, but overdoing this could later affect the health of the bearded dragon.

To be healthy enough, bearded dragons also need an ample supply of water to keep them going. Although they love being in hot places, they also need to hydrate themselves. You may put water in a shallow container so they can drink whenever they want to. But this water should be replaced everyday to avoid the contamination of water that could harm the pet. This is aside from the practice of regularly spraying the bearded dragon.

In giving the bearded dragon crickets or other sources of protein, make sure that these are gut loaded. Gut loading means giving those insects nutritional food, so the pet or animal that would eat it could benefit from the nutritious food that these preys have eaten. This is done commercially and you can inquire in the nearest pet store in your area.

Knowing the nutritional needs of your pet is one of the top things that you should remember. This is of course their diet or meal simply translates their survival. Denying them the nutrition or food they need could post a number of problems not just on the part of the bearded dragon, but on your part as well as the pet owner. Keep these reminders in mind and have fun in handling your pet, and seeing it grow after a few months or years!


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