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A lot times, individuals would get themselves a bearded dragon pet and turns very fond of them only to find their bearded dragon pet dead after a few weeks. In fact, it has been well presented in statistics that over 70% of bearded dragons turn to die during their initial year provided that they have become a bearded dragon pet of a particular individual. In case you really wanted to have a bearded dragon as a pet, it is a must that you first get very well acquainted with information available about it. Firstly, one should be well aware with all bearded dragon names. There are several bearded dragon names designated for particular kinds of bearded dragons. Aside from this, depending on the characteristic of your bearded dragon there are corresponding bearded dragon names. For instance, the demeanor or the manner in which a bearded dragon acts could be reflected in its name. Color, size and the general appearance also affect the names of bearded dragons.

In choosing your own bearded dragon pet it is essential that you are able to determine instantly or observe right then there how active or how alert the bearded dragon is. For example, it is not advisable to buy a bearded dragon which appears to be sluggish. You also have to take note whether it could lift its head or not. This particular observation could help you land a good kind of bearded dragon. Also, prior to purchasing a bearded dragon, you should also take note if the bearded dragon has sores or burns. You also have to check for deformities as well as external parasites. It is advisable that you check the size of the bearded dragon, most of the time, the size of a bearded dragon determines its age.

If the bearded dragon seemed very young there are chances wherein it would tend become very delicate. Young bearded dragons are more prone to illnesses and they also tend to get much stressed. If you want to have an easier time in taking care of a bearded dragon, it would be best to get yourself a more mature or more developed type of bearded dragon. For first timers, it is recommended that they get themselves a juvenile type of bearded dragon instead of a hatchling since a juvenile type of bearded dragon is much easier to handle compared to a hatchling type.

In selecting a bearded dragon pet, you also have to look for certain signs which would indicate if your selected bearded dragon pet is a good one. It is advisable to look for good signs in a bearded dragon before you decide on getting it. Provided that the signs to be discussed are found in a particular bearded dragon then that dragon would be your best choice. For one you should look if the bearded dragon has no missing tail nip as well as toes. Its tail should also curl up in the direction of its head. The bearded dragon should also be basking or active. Lastly, if the eyes of the bearded dragon are open as well as clear then that bearded dragon is the right choice.


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  1. jackie on Sun, 5th Feb 2012 9:11 pm 

    our beardie has just developed a very black chin and also at the end of his tail he’s about five months old anybody have any idea what could be wrong with him or is this normal thing

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