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zillabeardeddragonkitIt is very essential to know about the importance of setting up the appropriate home for a bearded dragon because they allot a huge amount of time eating, sleeping and doing all other activities in their respective homes. Comfort is first and foremost the focus in a bearded dragon’s habitat. Therefore, a good bearded dragon setup should be put into mind and must be studied well.

There are several choices in assembling a house for a bearded dragon which is very useful in making your pet as comfortable as possible. Some of these include cages for pet reptiles, both cheap and expensive aquariums and fish tanks, even clear and tall rectangular containers and such. The choices are endless and tremendous. You just have to use your creativity and budgeting skills. But of course, a pet owner should also remember that planning for a cage should match the necessary needs of a bearded dragon to have a longer and healthier life.

There are a lot of tools available for use in a bearded dragon setup. Designs vary based on the preference of the owner and at most times, the pet’s behavior as well. A good suggestion for an artificial home would be an absolute imitation of a bearded dragon’s natural place of living. The more natural, the better for them, and a few pointers might be also helpful in putting up your pet’s cage.

First is to ensure that the place has a good environment and placement of different elements. Bearded dragons are usually kept alone and away from other reptiles. They are quite territorial and can be dominant over other animals. Mixing them up with the other bearded dragons might cause harm or injury, and oftentimes, death. For breeding, male and female bearded dragons should not be kept together until they are suitable for mating. Females should always be separated from the males to avoid giving birth too much. Female bearded dragons should live together but there could also be problems. The bottom line thought is to take caution in things like these.

Cages, on the other hand, should be given utmost care. Spacious, decorative cages would be perfect for a bearded dragon. Shelf liners are used because of its durability and convenience. Do not use harmful objects and hard, difficult surfaces in building up their homes as this might cause danger later on. Bearded dragons like to take in everything, and putting on perilous materials may spell trouble. Branches could also be placed in their cage. Things that can facilitate exercise and physical activities can be given for them to be fit. Give them a food and water dish where they can be fed worms and vegetables and fresh, clean water. Bulbs can also be installed, to help them build stronger bones, and this will increase their performance.

The bearded dragon setup is really easy and effective in ensuring the welfare of your pet. Just by following the pointers given above, you’ll surely never go wrong and expect a happier relationship between you and the bearded dragon.


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  1. Emily on Tue, 17th Nov 2015 5:43 pm 

    First of all, males are aggressive and MUST live alone, but females can live together, if same size. Females are very calm and not aggressive at all. Second, you didn’t say anything about the size, or put a pic of examples. A babies terrarium ( or cage ) is 20 gallons. A juveniles terrarium ( or cage ) is 45-55 gallons. A adults terrarium ( or cage ) is 55-125 gallons. Any more than these and you will overwhelm your bearded dragon. Bulbs are installed to give your bearded dragon UVA light ( as in the wild they have up to 12 hours of sunlight ) and UVB. I recommend to use Mercury vapour bulbs as they are safest and last longer. U must at least have 1 hide, thing to bask on, water ball, food ball, and a rock. I recommend using non-adhesive linoleum, as your substrate. Now sprinkle some sand and rocks on it. Perfect, this gives it grip and makes a good safe home for ur bearded dragon!

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