Healthy Bearded Dragons

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beardieHealthy bearded dragons are often taken care properly by their owners. They are also given the proper nutrition that they need in order to survive and live healthy and sound. Because of this, it is possible for these well nurtured bearded dragons to live longer and healthier. You too can also maintain your bearded dragon’s health by following these helpful steps like what the owners did for their healthy bearded dragons.

Feed your bearded dragons a variety of nutritious foods that are essential for their growth and resistance for infections or illnesses.

Know the proper feeding according to your pet’s age. Baby bearded dragons are given with an specific amount of food which is right for their age while adult bearded dragons are being fed with the right amount of food and the number of times they have to eat. Always give a precaution when feeding your pets to avoid overdose or lacking of nutrients from the foods they take. Read more

Bearded Dragon Names For Your Bearded Dragon Pet

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A lot times, individuals would get themselves a bearded dragon pet and turns very fond of them only to find their bearded dragon pet dead after a few weeks. In fact, it has been well presented in statistics that over 70% of bearded dragons turn to die during their initial year provided that they have become a bearded dragon pet of a particular individual. In case you really wanted to have a bearded dragon as a pet, it is a must that you first get very well acquainted with information available about it. Firstly, one should be well aware with all bearded dragon names. There are several bearded dragon names designated for particular kinds of bearded dragons. Aside from this, depending on the characteristic of your bearded dragon there are corresponding bearded dragon names. For instance, the demeanor or the manner in which a bearded dragon acts could be reflected in its name. Color, size and the general appearance also affect the names of bearded dragons. Read more

Bearded Dragon Setup

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zillabeardeddragonkitIt is very essential to know about the importance of setting up the appropriate home for a bearded dragon because they allot a huge amount of time eating, sleeping and doing all other activities in their respective homes. Comfort is first and foremost the focus in a bearded dragon’s habitat. Therefore, a good bearded dragon setup should be put into mind and must be studied well.

There are several choices in assembling a house for a bearded dragon which is very useful in making your pet as comfortable as possible. Some of these include cages for pet reptiles, both cheap and expensive aquariums and fish tanks, even clear and tall rectangular containers and such. The choices are endless and tremendous. You just have to use your creativity and budgeting skills. But of course, a pet owner should also remember that planning for a cage should match the necessary needs of a bearded dragon to have a longer and healthier life.

There are a lot of tools available for use in a bearded dragon setup. Designs vary based on the preference of the owner and at most times, the pet’s behavior as well. A good suggestion for an artificial home would be an absolute imitation of a bearded dragon’s natural place of living. The more natural, the better for them, and a few pointers might be also helpful in putting up your pet’s cage. Read more

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Bearded Dragon Breeding & Bearded Dragon Breeders

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For bearded dragon breeders they usually follow several provided protocols bearded dragon breeding. These protocols or conditions are usually to be followed by all bearded dragon breeders. The protocols for bearded dragon breeding are standardized in a way to promote uniformity on the field of bearded dragon breeding. For instance, for bearded dragon breeders, the first step to take in bearded dragon breeding is pre-conditioning. This particular step is considered very important in breeding bearded dragons. Pre-conditioning pertains to the creation of natural seasons in order to bring females into heat. However before starting pre-condition, a bearded dragon breeder should make sure that both of the female bearded dragon and male bearded dragons to be included are both mature enough. Guaranteeing the maturity of both bearded dragons assures that the breeding to take place is secured and sound. There are several steps when it comes to pre-conditioning. Read more

Ideal Bearded Dragon Habitat

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bearded_dragonEssentially, the bearded dragon habitat is one of the most important things that have to be taken into account and be considered upon getting your own bearded dragon. There are several considerations and requirements pertinent to a bearded dragon habitat thus it is important to get to know these requirements first. Basically a bearded dragon habitat has to offer enough space to the bearded dragon. This is particularly to permit for different kinds of distances depending on the heat source. One of the most recommended and widely used types of habitat for bearded dragons is that of a glass aquarium. A glass aquarium essentially permits for more convenience in terms of maintenance. Aquariums could be cleaned easily and can also give just the right protection to a bearded dragon. More importantly, one could easily his or her pet through a glass aquarium since it’s very clear. There’s no need to exert effort when you want to see your pet bearded dragon. Read more