Feeding Bearded Dragons

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feedingbeardeddragonsFeeding bearded dragons would prove to be an effortless task provided that you are well aware with the basic and fundamental requirements that you needed to know about such topic. When you own a bearded dragon, it is essential that you are well oriented with how to feed it. There are certain basic conditions and considerations that should be taken note when feeding bearded dragons. Initially you should know that, feeding bearded dragons actually depends on the age of the pet bearded dragon that you have. The kinds of food necessary during a bearded dragon’s young age is different from the kind of food that it should be fed with when it gets older. When a bearded dragon is still young, it is strongly recommended to feed it with food items which are rich in protein.  You should also take note that feeding it with lots of greens is not advisable however you should already gradually incorporate the consumption of greens at this stage. Failure to take note of these things and failure to apply such things could slow down the development of your pet bearded dragon. Apart from this, it essential to take note that bearded dragons could eat both vegetables and insects.

Aside from the food items that you should take note of when feeding bearded dragons, there are also consideration that you must take note regarding external factors which could affect the manner in which you pet bearded dragon feeds. Body temperature also plays an important role in feeding your bearded dragon. For instance, if your bearded dragon does not have the right body temperature, its appetite could be affected. One of the factor which affects the body temperature of a bearded dragon is the temperature of the environment it is in. If the temperature of the enclosure is too extreme the appetite of a bearded dragon is discouraged. There is indigestion therefore the bodily functions of your pet bearded dragon is affected.

In order to properly feed your pet bearded dragon, you should be mindful of several ways in which you could properly facilitate it.

  • First, you should know the origins of the insects you are about to feed your pet bearded dragon. You should be aware of what kinds of foods it has consumed. The kind of food items that the insects feed on would determine the nutrients your pet bearded dragon would be getting.
  • To protect your pet bearded dragon, you should rinse the vegetables thoroughly before feeding your bearded dragon.
  • You should be able to regularly check and maintain the heat and light of the enclosure the bearded dragon is placed in. Since heat and light affects temperature you should always be mindful of it as temperature greatly affects the appetite of a bearded dragon.
  • Try and hand-feed insects to your dragon.

Just in the same manner as you should know the right kinds of food you should feed a bearded dragon, also demands that you should also know what not to feed it. In essence, wild insects or plants are not advisable to be fed since the nutritional contents of these food items are not beneficial for your pet bearded dragon.


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