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beardieHealthy bearded dragons are often taken care properly by their owners. They are also given the proper nutrition that they need in order to survive and live healthy and sound. Because of this, it is possible for these well nurtured bearded dragons to live longer and healthier. You too can also maintain your bearded dragon’s health by following these helpful steps like what the owners did for their healthy bearded dragons.

Feed your bearded dragons a variety of nutritious foods that are essential for their growth and resistance for infections or illnesses.

Know the proper feeding according to your pet’s age. Baby bearded dragons are given with an specific amount of food which is right for their age while adult bearded dragons are being fed with the right amount of food and the number of times they have to eat. Always give a precaution when feeding your pets to avoid overdose or lacking of nutrients from the foods they take.

Bearded dragons are omnivores so they welcome meats and plants. Meat contains the highest protein but too much protein intake may cause overdose for your “beardies”. Although vegetables such as spinach and other dark leafy veggies are rich in calcium, they are sometimes not healthy if being fed in large amounts. Dandelion Greens, also known as weed, mustard greens and collard greens can be fed to bearded dragons regularly.

Crickets are also being fed to bearded dragons so it’s essential if you give your crickets with healthy stuff. Your bearded dragons absorb all the nutrients from the crickets. Baby bearded dragons are being fed with crickets properly and with precaution to avoid impaction.

You can also present their food with powdered vitamin supplements.

Feed your bearded dragons with the essential foods in right temperature. Never give them frozen lettuce and the like.

Mealworms are also one of the best sources of protein. Give large amounts of your bearded dragon only the right amount of mealworms so that it’s easy to digest and you can also avoid digestion problems.

Always check your bearded dragon’s cage if it has the proper temperature which is essential for their digestion. What some owners don’t know that if they left the bearded dragons cage in a cold temperature, this may cause “beardies” digestion problems. These desert reptiles are cold-blooded that’s why they prefer to live in a warm temperature to survive.

Other common factors such as stress may lead your bearded dragon to eating disorders which may result constipation and more exposed to parasites. Putting your bearded dragon in a quiet and calm environment can be beneficial of taking care of them.

Giving them a warm bath is also essential for them as it may give refreshment and helps eliminate the production of bacteria that you can get from their skin.

If there are unusual movements or signs of discomfort occurred, you might think that your bearded dragon is sick. It is advisable to take them to an expert veterinarian as soon as possible before it gets worst. You can also ask advice from your vet on how to give the proper treatment at home and what are the things to avoid. By doing your part as an owner, it is possible that you can have a healthy bearded dragon.


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