Understanding Bearded Dragon Brumation

March 4, 2013 by  
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babybeardieSome first time owners of bearded dragons have surely experienced being scared due to their pets’ excessive sleeping- so much that you thought they were dead. Aside from the fact that you always see them resting a lot, they also stop eating and have an infrequent bowel movement. In short, they are lethargic.

Stop worrying because it is just normal; in fact, it’s a part of their life cycle. In this case, your pet is undergoing a bearded dragon brumation.

Bearded dragon brumation refers to the semi-hibernation state that these reptile pets undergo during the winter months, that is common among reptiles. During the winter season, the reptiles adapt to the changing temperature by being dormant for thermoregulation. These animals usually find places for them to insulate and adjust to the temperature that is called hibernaculums. Rocks, burrows and even the water are examples of hibernaculum found in nature. Read more