Bearded Dragons & Impactation

March 5, 2013 by  
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centralbeardeddragonPrimarily, a number of deaths of bearded dragons are associated with impaction. What impaction? When bearded dragons suffer from impaction, the pet becomes immobile meaning parts of its body or even the whole is suffering from paralysis. Provided that the pet is suffering from a high impaction particularly in the area of the digestive track, all of its legs could suffer from paralysis. On the contrary if the impaction is not as intense, only the back legs of the pet could suffer from paralysis. Provided that bearded dragons are suffering from impaction this means that a particular mass whether it’d be fully solid or not is blocking the digestive tract. In this case, since impaction proves to be a very unpleasant condition for bearded dragons, it would only be logical to examine and enumerate its causes in order to prevent its occurrence.
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