Feeding Your Bearded Dragon

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bdragonTo keep your bearded dragon healthy, you should be aware of the things to remember in feeding bearded dragon. When giving the right food for them, you should always take safety precautions to avoid them from having eating disorders and digestive problems. Always remember that the food items should be given to them in the right amount according to their age. Too much food or nutrients intake can cause different kinds of disorders to your pet.

When feeding bearded dragon, you should be aware of the important things to avoid feeding mistakes such as the amount of protein or calcium they need, the number of times they have to eat in one day, the essential foods that they have to take at their age and the like. Also ensure that they only have the required amount of vitamin A to avoid overdose. Read more

Feeding Bearded Dragons

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feedingbeardeddragonsFeeding bearded dragons would prove to be an effortless task provided that you are well aware with the basic and fundamental requirements that you needed to know about such topic. When you own a bearded dragon, it is essential that you are well oriented with how to feed it. There are certain basic conditions and considerations that should be taken note when feeding bearded dragons. Initially you should know that, feeding bearded dragons actually depends on the age of the pet bearded dragon that you have. The kinds of food necessary during a bearded dragon’s young age is different from the kind of food that it should be fed with when it gets older. When a bearded dragon is still young, it is strongly recommended to feed it with food items which are rich in protein.  You should also take note that feeding it with lots of greens is not advisable however you should already gradually incorporate the consumption of greens at this stage. Failure to take note of these things and failure to apply such things could slow down the development of your pet bearded dragon. Apart from this, it essential to take note that bearded dragons could eat both vegetables and insects. Read more