Types Of Bearded Dragons

March 5, 2013 by  
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bearded20dragonBearded dragons are definitely unique in their own right. At first, they may seem scary but at the same time, one will find that they are interesting as they may appear. Emerging from different parts of the globe, they are somewhat adorable despite the fact that they may look intimidating. They differ in appearance, the way the live, and in all other aspects. With these differences, there are several types of bearded dragons that fit every animal lover, breeders, hobbyists and the like. These types will be carefully explained below.

The first type would be the Coastal Bearded Dragon. This can be usually located in the eastern and southern parts of Australia and in contrast to the other breeds of bearded dragons; this type is not often preferred by pet enthusiasts. The coastal bearded dragon looks very dull in color and relatively dark. Inland dragons are rather chosen because they are easier to tame compared to the coastal ones, and they are also larger in terms of size. Spots can rarely be found on the neck area of coastal dragons. Among all other types, the coastal bearded dragon appears to have a very strong physical structure, higher resistance to temperature change, including coldness and high levels of moisture in the environment. Read more